Payment of the bills:

All the Bills; (Electricity & Water – for Governorate of Muscat), Omantel services, Haya services, and Ooredoo services bills could be paid at the following:



        All 44 OIFC branches across the Sultanate of Oman:

                How to do it:     

  • You would need to present the original bill to the teller. However, if you did not receive the bill or misplaced it, you may request a duplicate bill from customer service desk at any branches.
    • Payment at the branches could be made in cash or by (direct debit / credit card); this service is limited to main branches and not all of them.
    • Some of our branches are equipped with Bill Payment Machines; these machines are accessible around the clock (24 Hrs, and all days). Our Bill Payment Machines (BPM) currently accept only cash.
  • Acknowledgement:
    • If you made the payment through a teller at our branch, your acknowledgement would be system printed on the bill presented at the teller.
    • If the payment was made at bill payment machine, the machine would automatically produce a receipt stating the details of the completed transaction.

    Payment via Local banks:

                How to do it:

  • Most of the banks facilitate their customers and account holders, with utilities payment channels. This channel is simple and Customers are required to present their bills to bank’s teller. On receipt of cash (or account to account transfer request) payment of the bills could be made at that bank.
  • Acknowledgement:
    • It would be issued by the concerned bank.

    OIFC Bill Payment Machines:

                How to do it:

    • You need to select the service that you wish to pay for, e.g. Electricity, Water or Telecom utility.
    • Once selected, you may enter the account particulars either by scan of the bar code on the bill or by manually entering of account number.
    • The machine accepts only cash payments, and the notes should be inserted one by one.
    • The minimum denomination accepted is RO 1 and all higher denominations are accepted by the Machine.
    • The machines do not dispense any change back. Hence, the customer can pay his bills to the nearest Rial.


    • The BPM would automatically issue the receipt against the cash received (along with other transaction details, e.g. account number, time and date of payment).
    • Customer should keep the acknowledgement at a safe and cool place.
    • This is necessary because the receipt is printed on thermal paper, hence the transaction details are likely to fade away or vanish after a couple of weeks. Therefore, you are requested to verify the accounting of the payment in your next bill.

    Internet banking services provided by your personal bank:

                How to do it:

    • Currently OIFC website is not equipped with payment channel. However, a customer who wishes to make payment using internet services may visit the website of their personal bank. Many of the local and International Banks operating in the Sultanate of Oman facilitates their customers with utility bills payment.


      • In case of payment via your personal bank website, your personal bank shall intimate you with payment particulars.

    Bill payment machines of local banks:

                How to do it:

    • Some of the Banks operating in the Sultanate have equipped their ATM and deposit machines with utility bills payment channel. OIFC advises the entire customer to seek help of the bank (if needed) to complete their bills payment.


      • The bank machines shall automatically produce a printed slip elaborating the transaction

    Payment by Corporate Customers:

    OIFC has two ways for receiving payments of corporate customer:

    • Directly at OIFC branches:

      How to do it:

      Present the bills individually along with the respective cheques in favour of Oman Investment & Finance Co. SAOG (except for electricity bills, where the cheque should be in favour of Muscat Electricity Distribution Co SAOC),


      The payment receiving cashier shall give the payment receipt to the person making the payment.

    • Payment by Consolidated cheque
    • Corporate customers who make payment for number of bills at the same time, may find the option (1) above little cumbersome. To solve this, OIFC enables payment of multiple bills by a consolidated cheque. Such customers can hand over the cheque in favour of Oman Investment & Finance Co. SAOG (a separate cheque is required for electricity bills in favour of Muscat Electricity Distribution Co SAOC) to any OIFC branch and procure a temporary receipt for the payment. They can subsequently forward the details of the accounts to be credited along with the other details like the type of service and account numbers. This list can be e-mailed to payment@oifcoman.com or can be uploaded on the OIFC website.


    • Upon receipt of cheque, the customer gets a temporary receipt and shall get final receipt via email within 2 days of submitting the account-wise data of the accounts that are intended to be credited.


Electricity & Water Services