Corporate Cell
OIFC has a separate 'Corporate Relations and Recovery Cell' to provide customized service to corporate clients. These services include:

  • Timely Delivery of Bills
    • E-Bill service facilitating receipt of bills automatically in the Corporate Customer’s designated email account,
    • Hand delivery of Bills to the Client’s office,  
  • Easier Payment Options
    • Payment by bank transfer into OIFC’s designated bank accounts, 
    • Sending payment details by email / web- upload and receiving Receipt for Payment by email to designated account.
  • Prompt reflection of payments
    • Prompt recording of payments through our online cashiering system.
  • Resolution of disputes/issues
    • Acting as a bridge between our Principals and clients to settle outstanding issues on priority basis,
    • Prompt attention to Disputes/discrepancies with respect to Electricity and Water billing and Issues regarding payments.
  • Other services
    • Bill copies, Statement of Accounts & other related details by facsimile or by e-mail whenever needed